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In the tradition of Identity, The United States of Tara, Mental, and even 6 Souls star Julianne Moore’s own distant genre bomb The Forgotten (literally… I had to look that one up again), this flick deals with multiple personalities, McGuffins and flawed families. It’s worth noting that 6 Souls was once titled Shelter and has been floating around with flotsam and jetsam since 2009. None of that bodes well, but without Moore and costar Jonathan Rhys-Meyers, it could be worse.

This tired but entertaining enough thriller focuses firmly on Dr. Cara Harding (Moore), recently widowed and dealing with her faithless young daughter (how could God let her daddy die?) and her irascible father, also a clinical psychiatrist (Jeffrey DeMunn). When she encounters a new and wily patient, Adam (Rhys-Meyers), all hell breaks loose: literally.

The fact that the screenwriter of this film, Michael Cooney, also did (the far superior) mind-freak film Identity back in 2003, and knowing the directing team of Måns Mårlind & Björn Stein’s biggest claim to fame is a negligible Underworld sequel, you can’t go in expecting too much. Keep your hopes low, go in for an hour and half of jump scares, silly ‘found footage” supposedly dating back to 1918, and some Moore and Rhys-Meyers good-looks, and you’ll be fine with this cliché-ridden but decent time-waster of an occult-horror mystery.

On demand today, and rentable on iTunes. Rated R.

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Reviewed by Staci Layne Wilson

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